10th year anniversary gallery

We have selected 30 of the best images from the last 10 years of the awards. We invite you to let us know via your social media channels what your top 3 are, tag us and use the hashtag #rabda10years. The 10 most popular images will be exhibited at a London gallery during June 2018, further details will be made available soon.

A cantina thumb
1. A Cantina (Spain) / Estudio NomadaPhotographer: Héctor Santos-Díez
Aluminum flower garden thumb
2. Aluminium Flower Garden (Japan) / Moriyuki Ochiai ArchitectsPhotographer: Tetsu Hiraga
Aura thumb
3. Aura (USA) / BluarchPhotographer: Oleg March
Barbican lounge thumb
4. Barbican Lounge (UK) / SHHPhotographer: Gareth Gardner
Beta bar thumb
5. Beta Bar (Australia) / DS17Photographer: Michael Wee
Clerkenwell grind thumb
6. Clerkenwell Grind (UK) / Biasol Design StudioPhotographer: Paul Winch-Furness
Coppa club thumb
7. Coppa Club (UK) / Inhouse DesignPhotographer: Allan Stone
Disfrutar thumb
8. Disfrutar (Spain) / El Equipo CreativoPhotographer: Adrià Goula
Fucina thumb
9. Fucina (UK) / Andy Martin ArchitecturePhotographer: Nick Rochowski
German gymnasium thumb
10. German Gymnasium (UK) / Conran & PartnersPhotographer: Jean Cazals
Graffiti cafe thumb
11. Graffiti Cafe (Bulgaria) / Studio ModePhotographer: Stefan Shterev
Host thumb
12. Host (Denmark) / Norm ArchitectsPhotographer: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen
Hoto fudo thumb
13. Hoto Fudo (Japan) / Takeshi Hosaka ArchitectsPhotographer: Koji Fujii
Hueso thumb
14. Hueso (Mexico) / Cadena + AsociadosPhotographer: Jaime Navarro Soto
Lidiot thumb
15. L'Idiot (Taipei, Taiwan) / Ballistic Architecture MachinePhotographer: Rafael Pinho
Le bar du plaza athenee thumb
16. Le Bar du Plaza Athenee (France) / Jouin MankuPhotographer: Eric Laignel
Le germain thumb
17. Le Germain (France) / India MahdaviPhotographer: Derek Hudson
Les grandes tables de lile thumb
18. Les Grandes Tables (France) / 1024 architecturePhotographer: Brice Pelleschi
Les haras thumb
19. Les Haras (France) / Jouin MankuPhotographer: Hélène Hilaire
Parq thumb
20. Parq (USA) / David InkPhotographer: Mike Newton
Piccolino thumb
21. Piccolino (Australia) / HachemPhotographer: Shania Shegedyn
Pink moon saloon thumb
22. Pink Moon Saloon (Australia) / Sans Arc StudioPhotographer: David Sievers
Rabda ceremony street 1 thumb
23. RBDA Ceremony (Street) 1Photographer: Richard Lewisohn
Rabda ceremony street 2 thumb
24. RBDA Ceremony (Street) 2Photographer: Richard Lewisohn
Rabda ceremony street 3 thumb
25. RBDA Ceremony (Street) 3Photographer: Richard Lewisohn
The magazine thumb
26. Sachler Gallery (UK) / Zaha Hadid ArchitectsPhotographer: Ed Reeve
Tazmania ballroom thumb
27. Tazmania Ballroom (Hong Kong) / Design Research StudioPhotographer: Olaf Mueller
The gallery at sketch thumb
28. The Gallery at Sketch (London, UK) / India MahdaviPhotographer: Rob Whitrow
The penny drop thumb
29. The Penny Drop (Melbourne, Australia) / GoldenPhotographer: Brooke Holm
Wahaca cardiff thumb
30. Wahaca (Cardiff, UK) / SoftroomPhotographer: Jack Hothouse